C2C: Consumer to Consumer

Consumer to Consumer website serves as a mediator between the clients and gives an opportunity to sell or purchase goods directly. Through C2C web-service consumers can sell their assets like cars, or rent a room by publishing their information on the website. One customer may buy a product of another consumer by viewing the description on the website.

B2C: Business to Consumer

B2C websites for business are the most popular. Web platforms that follow the B2C model are suitable for companies which sell products or services directly to a customer online. One of the largest B2C websites is Amazon. A customer can view products on the page, choose a product and order it. The Business to Consumer model doesn’t require a middleman and reduces the cost of the goods for the ultimate consumers. B2C sites aim to make easy for shoppers to buy products end enjoy this process.

C2B2C: Consumer to business to consumer

Consumer to business to consumer (C2B2C) is a business model that is commonly associated with e-commerce transactions. In C2B2L, a business acts as an intermediary between two consumers who exchange goods. This exchange is a business transaction in which one of the individuals acts as a seller and the other acts as a buyer.

C2B2C is a common model online, where many sites provide a platform over which two parties can conduct business with each other.

B2B: Business to Business

This type of websites for business is suitable for the companies that sell products or services to another company, which is an intermediate buyer who then sells the product to the final customer. They help other companies establish a solid foundation for the long-term commercial interrelations between the companies. B2B websites may come in various types. One of them helps to receive information from partners, the other creates accounts for payment for the products or services and establish contracts. An example of B2B web-platform would be a website selling vehicle’s components that some auto manufacturer will purchase in order to produce his own product.

B2G: Business to government

Business to government (B2G) is the sale and marketing of goods and services to federal, state, or local agencies. In modern lingo, there are three basic business models: business to consumer (B2C), business to business (B2B), and business to government (B2G).

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